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GUT is a global independent creative network with multiple international offices. GUT’s mission is to inspire the world to follow their gut. We first worked with GUT in 2019 to create their logo that centered around a spiral GUT intestine. Since the initial work, GUT has expanded to over 500+ people in over seven countries across the world. This year, GUT worked with us to build out a library of brand assets, a customized gut intestine type & number system, as well as a sophisticated guidelines system that can easily be scaled and implemented across their different agency locations and creative departments around the world.


We needed to solve for inconsistencies in how the brand was being implemented in each of their different locations in regards to typography, social media, photography, awards, company events, announcements, internal presentations and printed materials. To accomplish this, we built a library of brand elements and accompanying guidelines that includes sub-brand logos, illustrations, patterns and a custom alphabet, which allowed for more brand consistency across their touchpoints.


The custom GUT numbers are an extension of the brand’s spiral gut intestines logo, and they are made up of the New Spirit typeface and the 3D GUT signature spiral.


The GUT alphabet was designed to be used in expressive and playful moments across different applications such as countdowns, customized stationary, environmental spaces, etc.​​​​​​​


The city icons were designed to represent GUT’s locations worldwide.This illustration style was based on the brand’s overall visual identity and it is primarily composed of black and white line elements.